What people are saying about Kika’s Treats!

  • "I ordered a Kika’s Treats gift box and Brazilian Cheese Bread for my friends and they got it two days later! They got the package in upstate New York in the middle of a snowstorm too.  Amazing they received it so quickly! I got calls and emails this weekend from them saying, “This is the best food we have ever tasted and the best Valentine’s gift we have ever received! Thank you so much for making it so easy."

    Susan W., San Francisco, CA
  • “Crack food – M and I found a wonderful new sweet thing: Caramelized Graham Crackers with Dark Chocolate from Kika’s Treats. Oh my God. The first one I tried, I dropped my half on the floor. After biting into her half, M said that she’d eat the dirty half too. Ew!, but telling. We’ve been eating one every night as a special treat.”

    Ben, tango chef’s journal, San Francisco, CA
  • “Dear Kika, I have an important question. How come your stuff is so good?”

    David T., San Francisco, CA
  • “My wife and I have been eating cookies since before you were born (probably), and these are the best we’ve had. Ever. Great product!”

    Jerry K., Boulder Creek, CA
  • “I just bought your caramelized Graham Crackers and it took me less time to eat them that to pay them. I know it is a bit of a shame as they deserve to be tasted slowly, but I could not help myself. So from now on, you have a Swiss fan as I found your cookies in a fine food store in my hometown of Neuchâtel in Switzerland. All the best.”

    James B., Switzerland
  • “Oh my. I’ve reached chocolate nirvana with Kika’s Treats. Very, very addictive treats, so you are forewarned.”

    Tami Y., San Francisco, CA
  • “I live in Berkeley but went out to SF last night and I’m so glad I did! My husband and I bought a package of your Brazilian Honey Cakes and each ate two. They were so delicious, perfectly sweetened. We both loved them. Thanks so much!”

    Maile M., Berkeley, CA
    • “I bought your Brazilian Honey Cakes at the Ferry Building Farmers’ Market last week. They are truly wonderful! I loved them! Congratulations on your wonderful product!”

      Nathalie “Lumpy” L., San Francisco, CA
    • “Just wanted to tell you how wonderful your honey cakes are. I live in Santa Barbara CA but am spending 2 years working in Denmark and cannot live without your cakes. I am shopping on line and having a friend of mine Fed Ex them to me here. One of the many things I look forward to upon my return is being able to go to my favorite store and get your cakes whenever I want. You are doing a wonderful job and I hope you business does very well. Thank you.“

      Scott F., Santa Barbara, CA
    • “… I picked up some of your treats at Andronico’s in Palo Alto recently and wanted to tell you how much I love your products! I write a small design blog and included a post about your company today. Thanks for bringing such deliciousness to the Bay Area! “

      Sara M., Palo Alto, CA
    • “My brother brought me some of your honey cakes. The first taste made me gasp with a flood of childhood memories. “This tastes just like Germany.” At Christmas every year, we were given small cakes that tasted (almost) exactly like these. Until today, the only reminder I had of those treats from more than 40 years ago was the stale cakes, imported from Europe, that my dad buys every year. Thanks so much for being where my brother could find you, and for baking the beautiful honey cakes that he brought to me.”

      Deborah D., San Francisco, CA
    • “I really enjoy the dark chocolate covered graham crackers! The cracker itself has the most delightful texture. It is crisp with tiny bits of crunchy yumminess in every bite! I had eaten the chocolate covered graham crackers from Williams-Sonoma before, but yours are by far superior! I won’t even buy those if I can’t find yours.”

      Karen, Berkeley, CA
    • “Caramelized Graham Cracker!!!!!!!! I’ve been dying to try these out for the longest time. They are pretty expensive for a bag. I got it as a gift from someone (thanks DORK!) and I was extremely happy! I would buy it even if it was $10.00 now. I let my co-workers try it and it looked like they just went to heaven! Right when you open the bag, you can smell the caramel and chocolate. Once you take one bite, you won’t want to eat any other chocolate graham cracker.”

      Juliane N. – San Francisco, CA
    • “Oh my God. As an impulse buy at Rainbow Grocery last night I looked at these rectangles covered in dark chocolate. The flavour that made me buy? “Espresso Chocolate Cardamom”. Last night was chilly and I wanted to relax with tea and cookies (and watching Aliens in America online). I made my tea and opened the package. The scent was amazing. I then took a nibble and lost consciousness…The espresso-dark chocolate combination are one thing, but then to have the cardamom hit afterward is another thing altogether. THESE are amazing. Decadent, but amazing. I am rationing the remaining 4 cookies for emergency purposes only!”

      Eriqua P. – Oakland, CA
    • “… The dark chocolate shortbread and the dark chocolate caramel honey graham are just so dark and addictive that it’s almost criminal. I got the 5 remaining packets of graham crackers at Rainbow Grocery and everybody there from the aisles’ staff to the cashier seemed to agree with me. Kika’s Treats are wickedly delicious. At last some decent tea cookies with chocolate topping that doesn’t melt right away and keeps its freshness”

      Laure l. – Pacifica, CA


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